Sunday, February 7, 2010

AHHHH Back to toon sculpting!!

Heres a few heads I did from some awesome artwork of all different child actors I dont have permission to show the art but I can show the sculpts. I had a really good time sculpting these two heads I really loved sculpting the alfalfa head I may do him as a full sculpt or a bust. I worked a little on his jacket ,but got lost on new projects!

More New stuff!!! Swampthing!!

This is another piece I was working on was being the word you see I based it on another statue then changed my mind and tore it all apart!!! it no longer has the head and I will break the arms off to repostion them such as life!!
Ok here is something a little different he is a comic character from "Tales of the zombie"
a great comic book from the 70s?? he will end up as just a bust hes sitting on the shelf right now with alot of other sculpts I need to get back too.

Wow its been awhile!!!!!
I know almost a year with no new posts!! thats a shame I know but I promise to post more stuff