Monday, August 15, 2011

No post in over a week!!!!

Well its been over a week since my last post I told myself I would not do that but her goes . This is a sculpt from a Disney movie "Meet the Robersons" I go to Disney every year and if Im lucky they have some of the maquettes on display from past movies. I had to sneak a few photos of the maquette (they dont allow pictures) but as soon as I saw him I wanted to sculpt him .He is about the size of a baseball I only got as far as the head ,but at least that is done.
another view of the head I still have not forgotten that I would post pics of the week I was sculpting different skulls

Friday, July 29, 2011

Goofy Frankenstein

This is a basically finished Frankenstein piece. The head was based off of a sketch by Jeff Solway check his blog he does great work! this piece is over 12 inches tall. Im trying to do things smaller Less silicone less resin less cost! You can see in the picture the head has been primed but the body has not. you can also see where I have been sanding the sculpt it gets a little chalky looking. I knew I had more franky pieces next week I will show the 5 days I was sculpting different skulls !!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I hope no one get offended by this, but here goes this is a Hitler head that I did it was based on a cartoon I saw on the net . I did another head that I will post after this one again the head was done kind of quick took a few hours then you fire it then sand and see it there are any spots that need to be patched, now I also have to say that I work on the heads first . Then I make a armature for the body shaping it into different positions to find the right pose. I will post some pictures of that process very soon

frankenstein heads part two!

These are a few franky heads I designed they are sculpted in a mix of supersculpty and sculpty firm they are about 2 1/2 inches high.

I dont consider myself a designer but I take elements from here and there. if you notice the one on the right has sort of a flintstones mouth going on. I sculpted him then turned around and re sculpted him smaller. I will show a pic of that later I do that quite a bit sculpt something then realize that the kit or statute would be 14 inches tall!!! i think i still have more frankys to come!

frankenstein heads

These are a few Frankenstein heads I did a few months back they are designs from a guys web site that I lost when my com[p crashed after these two were made I went on a Frankenstein sculpting binge! more to follow

Sunday, February 7, 2010

AHHHH Back to toon sculpting!!

Heres a few heads I did from some awesome artwork of all different child actors I dont have permission to show the art but I can show the sculpts. I had a really good time sculpting these two heads I really loved sculpting the alfalfa head I may do him as a full sculpt or a bust. I worked a little on his jacket ,but got lost on new projects!

More New stuff!!! Swampthing!!

This is another piece I was working on was being the word you see I based it on another statue then changed my mind and tore it all apart!!! it no longer has the head and I will break the arms off to repostion them such as life!!