Monday, August 15, 2011

No post in over a week!!!!

Well its been over a week since my last post I told myself I would not do that but her goes . This is a sculpt from a Disney movie "Meet the Robersons" I go to Disney every year and if Im lucky they have some of the maquettes on display from past movies. I had to sneak a few photos of the maquette (they dont allow pictures) but as soon as I saw him I wanted to sculpt him .He is about the size of a baseball I only got as far as the head ,but at least that is done.
another view of the head I still have not forgotten that I would post pics of the week I was sculpting different skulls


  1. That's some really great work, nice job!

  2. Just came over to your site from Jeff Lafferty's blog. You do some absolutely gorgeous work. Consider me a fan!

  3. thank you very much Sean and Jeff I will be posting more soon

  4. Good Job. I hope I can read more from you very soon.

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