Thursday, April 9, 2009

Heads from the box!!! Part two!!

Heads from the box part two
this head is a from a banned cartoon called the "ducktators" I based it off the model sheet below I plan to do the pose with the arm up I even have a armature ready to go but a few things got in the way . Thats one of the great things about the box you can just go back and pick the next project you want to do cause the head is ready to go now thats not to say I dont take a project from start to finish its just sometimes I get sidetracked!
this is the model sheet I based the the head off as you can tell I moved the hitler hair across the head instead of in front of the eyes I think it looked better ohh as for the model sheet again it was from a great web site cartoons modelsheets &stuff the site is
another view of the hitler duck I hope people dont find this in bad taste I really dont think alot of the so called banned cartoons were done with malice
yet another view I thing he will look very nice painted up and when he is finished he should stand about 9 inches tall I would love to find out who has the rights to this I think alot of these banned cartoons would make great pre paint statues


  1. Wow these last few pieces are amazing! Nice job on the one of Kali's drawing.

  2. Thanks I really like Kali's work and I have a bunch of stuff I need to post

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