Thursday, April 9, 2009

Heads from the box!!!

Ok another post wow im on a roll Im calling this " heads from the box" you see it all starts with the heads most of the time. sometimes I just like to see if I can "get" a charactor it can be anyone from the one you see here to Barney Rubble now this sculpt is one of My favorite looney tunes villians some might rememeber him from "water water every hare" a classic cartoon google it Im sure its on the net ! it is hillarious !!the head is about 3 1/2 inches high done in a mix of supersculpty and firm sculpty
another view of the mad sciencentist you can see a few diviots in the sculpt they will be filled in in the finishing stage sometimes I can sculpt a head in a short period of time then sanding and finished takes a little more time ohh and this head is one of the many in the box. I had a friend come over and ask "whats with all the heads?" I may take a picture of the tv stand that houses most(but not all) of the heads
yet another view SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on a side note Im listening to a old song by a 80s band Saga have you ever let your itunes just do a random songs and discover a song you never heard and fell in love with it! it just happened. the song Saga "times up" from "words apart" I have listen to it seven times !!!

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